The Reception at the BEH coordinates the smooth flow of activities relating to registration of patients for consultation and treatment needs.


The Reception Process covers the following main elements:

Patient Registration

The first contact point for the patient visiting the hospital is the reception. The patient is greeted in a warm and courteous manner by the receptionist. Enquire about the patientís problem and reason for the visit. The receptionist then provides the information required by the patient and the family. This may include the facilities available at the hospital as well as the available time slots, the estimated time for evaluation, consultation fees etc.

The services provided by Brar Eye Hospital are displayed near the reception to serve as a reference to patients coming for availing various medical treatments.

Receptionist performs the initial registration process by explaining the scope of services offered. Patients can avail the services by making an appointment or walk-in. Preference of time is given to those who fix-up appointment. The receptionist shall enter the details of the patient in the HIS software as and when appointments are made. Patients without appointment or Walk in patients will be entered directly into the registration module of the HIS.

The hospital encourages patients to fix up appointments for consulting the doctors. Appointments can be fixed by either meeting the receptionists/Front Office in person, by calling up the reception by telephone or by email. Patients with appointments are given preference.

Patients File Maintenance

A file is maintained for each and every patient.

Billing and Payment

Based on the service(s) availed by the patient, and with reference to Tariff List available at the reception, the receptionist shall prepare necessary bill(s) and hand it over to the patient/guardian upon receiving the amount.

First Aid

First Aid facility is made available near the reception area. To avail this facility, registration is not required.